Dwayne Johnson Has a New Title – The King of Memes

Source: www.irishexaminer.com

Dwayne Johnson is not only a former WWE wrestler and the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. No. He’s not only the Hollywood’s best-paid actor, and most recognizable face in show business. No. The Rock is not only the most followed person on social media. Dwayne Johnson is the lord of the Internet with a new title – King of Memes.

There isn’t a person that is more featured on memes and the gifs than the man still known as The Rock. The best part about this is that he enjoys it. People’s Champ is aware of how much he’s featured in various internet communities, and he has learned to appreciate it. The most recent meme that has set the Internet on fire is the one showing Rampage superstar in three different pictures posing as – Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

In a recent interview with Press Association, Dwayne Johnson talked about the meme phenomenon that he is: “It’s awesome. I love the rock, paper, scissors one. I thought it was ironic and very clever and also in these pictures, I am owning it (doing the hand gestures) like this, like this and then I’m like this. I’ve said this; we have a term internally which is ‘If you post it, you’re going to get roasted.’ Me as these memes are just so funny, they are all hilarious, and they make me laugh.”

With the development of the Internet and social networks, today’s celebrities have a chance to expand their influence in a manner that was not possible ten years ago. One of those that embraced the world of social media and thrived in it is Dwayne Johnson. As a testimony to this, you have millions of his followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram who eagerly await a new post from The Rock.

All in all, let’s recapitulate: Dwayne Johnson is former WWE wrestler, actor, social media persona, father of two, a husband, a boyfriend, a good man, and King of Memes.