Forget Eminem; Dwayne Johnson Is a New Rap God!

There isn’t a thing that Dwayne Johnson can’t do. He can wrestle, he can act, and he can sing. He proved this ability more than once. One of his most memorable singing performances came during Disney’s animated movie Moana.

Last Friday Johnson was a guest at The Graham Norton Show where he performed the rap sequence from the named movie. The reason was that he was asked how did the children react to his role and are they asking him to sing when he meets them. Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle star gave a hilarious response: “All the time, it’s constant. They’re like, ‘Sing your songs! Sing your songs! And I do it, and then they cheer. And then I go ‘ok have a good day,’ and they’re like ‘sing again sing again!’ ”

After that Dwayne was asked to rap his sequence in front of Norton’s audience and he duly delivered. You can see the video below.

Dwayne is undeniably a great rapper, but for all of you who didn’t understand a word he said here are the lyrics:

“Well, come to think of it
Kid, honestly, I can go on and on
I can explain every natural phenomenon
The tide, the grass, the ground
Oh, that was Maui just messing around
I killed an eel; I buried its guts
Sprouted a tree, now you’ve got coconuts
What’s the lesson? What is the takeaway?
Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on the breakaway
And the tapestry here in my skin
Is a map of the victories I win
Look where I’ve been, I make everything happen
Look at that mean mini Maui just tippity tapping
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hey.”

During the same interview, Johnson talked about his Samoan heritage and once again stated that Maui was inspired by his late grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia. Former WWE wrestler said: “A lot of the details of that character Maui was based off my grandfather, with the long hair and very big build and tattoos. In Polynesian culture, in Samoan culture, to become a high chief, you have tattoos 360 degrees from your knees all the way up to the bottom of your chest. It’s hardcore!”

During the same interview, The Rock also revealed his greatest fear. More on that you can read in this article.