Dwayne Johnson has taken over Hollywood

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The rumor has it that Dwayne Johnson might make a cameo appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League by taking a role of Black Adam. The word about this started to spread thanks to Dwayne’s quotes related to the topic. According to these quotes, one thing is obvious- and that is that this guy is going to take part in DCEU.

We still don’t know which movie will be enriched by Johnson’s presence, but his fame will be contributing to Warner Bros for certain. Johnson is known for having a mercurial and unstable temper when it comes to taking on the roles in franchises, as he tends to jump right into the middle of it, which has been the case in Fast and Furious, Journey to the Center of the Earth and G.I. Joe. However, what is lying in store sound a bit more amusing.

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Johnson has made his way to the top. And after having filmed lots and lots of low-budget projects in his life, Dwayne’s name is nowadays highly appreciated. A huge number of producers are seeking after him and trying to get him at least partly into their work. Thus, Dwayne has been operating in many major studios recently.

His fourth appearance in Fast and Furious, which is still among the topics number one around the world, has brought him an enormous fame as the movie’s probably going to outdo Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast being the project that has reached the highest level of total profit. Apart from FF franchise latest sequel, the movie which is going to come out soon is Paramount/Viacom Inc.’s Baywatch, in which Dwayne also took part in as a lead actor.

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We’ve already mentioned some major studios which Johnson has been and is working for currently. Sony and Paramount were the ones where Johnson rose to his name (Jumanji and Baywatch). Thanks to Dwayne, Disney’s Moana has reached up to $642 million across the globe. Universal already has this man’s name on the following projects: Skyscraper and the last two Fast/Furious movies. And it is said that there will be more of course. The Warner Bros mentioned also has Dwayne in the next video game adaptation Rampage and his ambitions don’t end there. In 2015, his San Andreas earned $473m for instance.

No matter if you love or hate this guy, his success is well justified. He is not just an actor who managed to climb the ladders of success by appearing in only one movie. His success in the field has been accomplished by his hard work throughout the years. He is now one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and his conquest is to be continued.