Dwayne Johnson as an inspiration for Nina Gibson to lose 115 pounds


Nina Gibson is a woman who had to face one of the biggest problems which bother and agonize the majority of people on our planet – and that is obesity. However, this issue got out of her hands, and she soon learned the dreadful truth, the doctor told her she was morbidly obese. However, she found her solution in no more, no less but in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“When I was in the gym it was really hard for me to do the strength training,” she said during a visit Monday. “The Rock would definitely motivate me.”

She found her inspiration in his amazingly good looks. But it was not only his perfect shape and a great body that set her in motion, but also his kindness and the fact that despite his fame he somehow stays on the ground.

A 48-year-old Nina Gibson had in mind that her mother passed away at 49 and it made her realize that the food she was consuming might have brought her to an early death. Apparently, she always ate fried food and apart from that she always had doughnuts somewhere in her vicinity.

She did try out some programs for losing weight, but she could not afford them in the long terms. However, in the gym, she felt insecure and ashamed because she knew everyone was looking at her. But her strong will helped her gather strength and started running.

Today, she is an avid runner, and her results are more than obvious: She lost 115 pounds, switched from size 26 to size 8, and now her weight is around 165 pounds.


She also brought in some changes regarding her nutrition. She stopped eating out as much and now she mostly cooks for herself recipes such as pea and chicken bean soup, salmon over a bed of spinach, and walnut salad.

Dwayne Johnson served her only as a virtual inspiration, but it was enough for her to remain focused. But Dwayne found out about her and thrilled for the results she achieved he made a special video for her in which he said:

“I’m so happy for you, very proud of you, that’s awesome. I heard that I in some way helped motivate that, so thank you. Keep up the great work, Nina!”