Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears – Week 15 Picks And Predictions


One of the biggest rivalries in the history of sports will be rekindled this Sunday as the Packers will be visiting Solider Field, the home of the Chicago Bears. Even though Packers are clearly the better team, this divisional rivalry is always bringing the best out of both squads. Can Bears actually surprise the Packers and halt their Playoff push?

Chicago’s fans have had a tough time this season following and cheering for this football team, but spoiling Packers’ Playoff chances is something that every fan in Chicago would love. A win here for the Bears would give their fans a gift that they are always ready to accept. That is just how much these fans dislike the Packers.


Aaron Rodgers has quietly had an MVP-caliber year. Everybody was talking about his down year this season. Well, he’s got 32 TD passes with only seven picks, and we still have three games left. If that is a down year, you know just how good this guy is and was in the past. Expectations are always high for Rodgers, and he rarely doesn’t meet them.

Packers’ defense has improved and stepped up in the past three rounds after Rodgers stated that this squad could run the table. The offense has been good, especially against the Seahawks, but it’s their defense that has to make a difference.

Bears are stuck with their third-string quarterback. They shouldn’t be able to beat the Packers and their improving defense. We don’t think that the Packers are going to blow them out like the Seahawks as this is a big divisional rivalry, but we are picking the Packers to win this game 27:17 and keep the winning streak going.