Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – The Last Update Will Be Released Soon

Samsung prepared the new update for the Galaxy Note 7, which will prevent the devices from charging. This update will be launched on December 19, and the purpose is to shut down permanently all the units of the recalled device that are still in the hands of the owners.

Unfortunately, this update will not solve the problems that users had with these devices. It is the final move of the South Korean tech giant that will close this chapter.

Release Date

The release dates of this update are confirmed, and the Galaxy Note 7 owners will have a chance to enjoy their smartphones a little bit more. T-Mobile is the first carrier that will launch this update, and the exact date of the launch is December 27. AT&T and Sprint are the next two, and they will release the update on January 5 and January 8 respectively.

On the other hand, Verizon opposes to the launch of this update in the holiday season. According to Verizon, they don’t want to cut off their customers in case of the emergency situations during holidays, but once that is over, they will have to do it. However, the exact date is still unknown.

It is interesting to see carriers will launch the final update long after the December 19, the date set by the South Korean tech company. Once the Galaxy Note 7 is unable to recharge, Samsung will end their recall program, and there will be no Note 7s in the US after that.

According to the company, there are still 133,000 devices which are used, although the 93 percent has been returned and the other smartphone has been given to those customers. These devices may not have exploded yet, but they are still dangerous because of their battery design. Follow us for more details.