Dwayne Johnson Looks Older At 16 Than He Does Now

Source: pedestrian.tv

Dwayne Johnson is like wine – the older, the better. His picture when he was only 16 years old has resurfaced on the internet and in the photo, he looked ridiculous and somehow older than he does now. The image is black and white, and we can see the famous Hollywood actor having an impressive flat-top, and he looks ready for business, based on his suit and tie.

What is the funniest about this picture is Dwayne Johnson growing his pencil-thin mustache. People were literally blown away by this photo, and they posted some hilarious comments below it. One of them said: “He looks like an inner city high school teacher who’s ready to snap,” whereas another commenter stated: “16? Looks like he has a bad back and a 401k.”

Even Dwayne Johnson himself finds this photo ridiculous, and he took it to Twitter. “Haha it’s that damn 16yr old slightly creepy, but well manicured stache I was rocking back in high school. Good Lord.” Even though The Rock is famous across the world now, it is interesting to find out that even he had some embarrassing moments in his past.

Source: unilad.co.uk

Another photo that has been popular nowadays is him wearing a turtleneck and a fanny pack. Johnson himself recreated this image so that you can see the difference. He even put a napkin under his elbow, just like on the original image, but he added the People’s Eyebrow, something he didn’t have while he was a young adult. That was just a small touch by this grown-up Dwayne.

Johnson is at the moment on a promo tour for his new movie Baywatch which has just premiered. This film is a reboot of the iconic TV series which turned Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff into stars.

Do you like Dwayne Johnson with the stache?