Dwayne Johnson plays The Rock in Fighting with My Family trailer


He can be playing an awful CG scorpion man-monster, a mean man with big muscles, or a nice man with big muscles, or something completely new – whatever role he takes on, Dwayne Johnson is sure to make a success. So we are convinced that his performance in the upcoming movie Fighting with My Family will be no exception. Did you watch the trailer? Can you recognize Johnson?

All jokes aside, even though this great actor and the former wrestler will be playing himself in the movie, that doesn’t make his role any less important. Written and directed by Stephen Merchant from The Office, the film will also star Florence Pugh as WWE star Paige, Jack Lowden as Zak “Zodiac” Bevis, James Burrows as Roy Knight, Vince Vaughn as Hutch, etc. The comedy is based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family.

Let’s get back to The Rock, his role is said to be that of “a nice guy with big muscles who got famous pretending to be a mean guy with big muscles.” Even though we don’t see much of him in the trailer, we have to say that the little we do is enough to think he will make a memorable performance.

In addition to Johnson’s appearance, the trailer is also interesting because it features Nick Frost’s Vin Diesel joke of which we’re still not quite sure what meaning it hides. Could it be a nod to the Fast And Furious movies? Or, more precisely, is it a nod to the ongoing feud from the set of the Fast And Furious franchise? Could it be just a coincidence? Nah, that seems like the least likely explanation, right? Anyway, for now, we can only wait and see. Luckily, we won’t have to wait for too long as the movie is set to be released in February 2019. In the meantime, stay tuned for more news.