WWE Tag the Wrong Dwayne Johnson by Accident


Being one of the most famous people nowadays, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is widely recognizable, whether you know him as a former wrestler, an actor or one of the highest paid actors currently. So, when we’re talking about such a popular person, you’d expect that World Wrestling Entertainment should be able to recognize him, too, right? Well, it seems that they somehow failed to do so.

Namely, in a recent post about Rocky’s new book, they made a major mistake and tagged another Dwayne Johnson. How was that even possible? We don’t know exactly, but the fact is that they failed to notice that the Dwayne they tagged was not the Brahma Bull, The Great One, or The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment, but just an ordinary man from East London.


WWE posted the following: “The World of The Rock available from Asda now! The People’s Champion, The Brahma Bull and a WWE LEGEND! Read all about the journey of one of the GREATEST of all time, Dwayne Johnson in his brand new book! Get yours now from Asda stores!” And then, there was the wrong Dwayne Johnson. It was quite easily spotted by many that they had the wrong guy. Wayne Lenord, from Manchester, couldn’t leave it that way, so he posted a comment: “Haha WWE, you tagged the wrong Dwayne Johnson.”

Later on, he explained his surprise by such a mistake saying: “I’ve been a WWE fan for more than 30 years and Dwayne The Rock Johnson has always been a favorite. I was surprised to see that a company like the WWE could make such a mistake. I wouldn’t like to be the one who tells Dwayne they tagged the wrong guy. But it might help London’s Dwayne Johnson secure more Facebook friends as he only has 27.”

In order to make up for the mistake made, WWE offered the other Johnson tickets for WWE Smackdown Live at London’s O2 Arena next 14 May, as well as a free copy of The Rock’s book. So we might as well say that for that guy, it turned out for the best.