Dwayne Johnson Prepares a Great Surprise for a Military Veteran

Source: youtube.com

A few days ago Dwayne Johnson shared a video which shows just how generous he can be. He decided to surprise the US veteran Marlene with a special present – a Ford Mustang. Marlene, who is a former service member, could not imagine what had been prepared for her, as she came thinking she would only give an interview about Ford’s “Go Further” Award. However, The Rock had planned a little bit more than that.

During the interview, she also talked about her decision to join the forces, explaining that that was her dream since she was a “young, young, young girl.” Furthermore, she mentioned something about The Military Warriors Foundation and her work there. Not only does this foundation provide mortgage-free homes for veterans and their families, but it also gives them financial assistance. Marlene said: “They’re a really great organization, and so far they’ve given away 700 homes for 700 families.”

Source: youtube.com

And then, all of a sudden, the producers told her that there is a “special guest” who wants to ask her a question. Without the slightest idea who that might be, Marlene turned around and saw him – Dwayne Johnson, one of her favorite actors. She was so taken aback that she could only exclaim “What the hell!” As he approached his huge fan, The Rock first said: “I heard I wasn’t the only one with a badass tattoo” and then continued to explain what he was doing there: “I listened to your story backstage, and it’s such an amazing story. I wanted to congratulate you on your award for you and your foundation.”

Finally, he concluded: “We have such profound love and respect for you and all the boys and girls out there who serve.” Then, the superstar handed the present to Marlene – a new 2018 Ford Mustang together with two tickets for the premiere of his upcoming movie “Baywatch.” Can you imagine how stunned she was? You can watch the video and see for yourself.