Yukon Men Cancelled?

image source: renewcanceltv.com

After five successful seasons, it seems that popular reality TV Show Yukon Men could be cancelled. At this moment Discovery Channel hasn’t brought any news about the Season 6 and possible renewal, so it is quite possible that the previous one was the last.

Unfortunately for a large number of fans if this happens, we might be left without definite conclusion which is a real shame for a reality that started all the way back in 2012. This unscripted show is produced by Paper Route Productions, and hopefully, they will not pull the plug.

The main story of the series is about several inhabitants of small village Tanana that is located about 60 miles from Arctic Circle and represents one of the most isolated territories in the World. About 200 people live in Tanana and for a reason. Often they can hear and see wolves during long and cold winter nights, something that is not all that pleasant for most people.

The biggest problem for people living in remote locations and such harsh climates is the fact that they need enough supplies that will be enough for them during months of total darkness. We all know that nature is not forgiving if you make mistakes, but in this case, it will punish you hardest as it can.

Those that decided to live in Tanana will have to hunt, trap and fish if they want to survive. It might sound simple but if you are facing with serious problems every time you try to make something work you are in a world of hurt.

image source: trapperpredatorcaller.com

As we mentioned earlier, it is not clear if the Season 6 will be produced and at this moment we still have no confirmations that it will be offered on Discovery Channel. Would you like to see more of this reality? Should they continue with the new episodes?