Dwayne Johnson’s Advice For 2018


When you take a look at what Dwayne Johnson accomplished in his life, it is always a good thing to listen to what he says when he gives us advice. Even he pretty much has it all, this wrestler turned actor is still hungry and is still working harder and harder every day.

In this Instagram video, he is short but clear on what he will do and what you should do to be successful in this year. He starts by saying that he knows that many people have finished strong and that they are starting the new year even stronger.

Dwayne continues by adding that he finds many comments with questions about what is his philosophy, to which he answers: “My philosophy is very uncomplicated. I believe being good to people being nice, being kind, keeping my head down put in work, staying hungry, staying humble…”

He also emphasizes that you should never confuse effort with the result and that you always need to give the effort. We all know how much this man works and he still finds the energy to push every one of his plans, so, just like him, we need to focus on the result and forget about being tired.

The modern world is all about being fast and doing everything on the run, because of that we can feel a tremendous amount of pressure. Life is a constant fight for survival, and this guy speaks about that. You need to work to grow your business, to bring food to your table, raise babies, make babies.

When it comes to making babies, he says, with a smile, that this is his favorite part. With all that effort you put into improving your life, you will definitely see the results, and at the end of the day, that is the most important thing.

Check out Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s video: