Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Starts Filming In 2019!

One of the most anticipated projects of Dwayne The Rock Johnson is definitely Black Adam movie. Hollywood actor believes that filming should start in 2019. Considering his busy schedule, this is as early as it can get. The Rock signed a contract with Warner Bros in 2014 to portrait this anti-hero, but things got slow since then. Before his standalone movie, it was expected that Black Adam would get some screen time in Shazam! film. This title will be released in 2019, but it won’t have Johnson’s character as part of the storyline.

The villain in Shazam! is actor Mark Strong who plays Doctor Sivana. In order to see Zachary Levi and Dwayne Johnson share the screen, we will have to wait for Black Adam movie, or for the second installment of Shazam!. Black Adam is still in development and, for now, it doesn’t have a director. Adam Sztykiel who worked with People’s Champ on Rampage will pen the script. The head honchos behind this project are happy with what Adam delivered in terms of writing, so they are planning the start of production early next year.


In a recent interview with Yahoo News, Dwayne Johnson talked about his latest project Rampage, but also gave his thoughts on WB and Black Adam: “The script came in, it’s great, we’re working on it. If things come together in the way we anticipate them coming together, that feels like a 2019 movie, in production.”

With filming starting next year, the release date will probably be set for 2024. But this shouldn’t discourage fans of this antagonist. According to some rumors, the movie where we should see Black Adam for the first time is Suicide Squad 2. This comes as a bit of surprise, but at this point, we’ll take whatever WB serve us. For those still expecting to See Johnson’s character in Shazam!, well you can hope, but that movie is already filming, and with Dwayne’s schedule we can’t see him appearing there.

During this year Johnson will film Disney’s Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt, and Fast & Furious spin-off with Jason Statham.