Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Wants to Join WWE


Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock in the wrestling world is probably proud of his daughter who wants to be a WWE superstar, just like her father. Simone Alexandra Johnson, 16 is considering professional wrestling as her future career, and she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about being named the Globes Ambassador for the January’s Golden Globes Awards.


She said about WWE: “It’s a sport that is unlike anything else in the world. There’s just a certain amount of passion that every move and match requires, and that’s so admirable. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about and want to pursue.”

If she decides to follow in her father’s footsteps, she will become the first fourth-generation talent in the history of WWE if we exclude Shane and Stephanie McMahon who are great-grandchildren of Roderick James “Jess” McMahon Sr.

The Johnson family has been into wrestling for a long time, and Dwayne Johnson’s father Rocky and his granddad Peter Maivia were also wrestlers. Simone revealed that she has a passion for business and that she often goes to WWE events with her grandmother Ata Johnson.


This girl said that her first goal is to acquire a business degree in college, but after that, the WWE better watch out! Meanwhile her father, The Rock hasn’t been in a ring since WrestleMania 32 when he defeated Erick Rowan, but we might see the People’s Champion on the upcoming major event as he was challenged by Roman Reigns.

Talking about his possible opponents, The Rock said that he would like to go in a ring against Triple H, The Game, and Brock Lesnar, whereas Roman Reigns should get what he deserved. Reigns and Johnson are cousins, and if they are going to meet, it would be a “money match” as Reigns told Mirror. Even if Dwayne Johnson returns for this one battle, his wrestling days are over, and he is a Hollywood star now. As for his daughter – her wrestling days may as well start.