Dwayne Johnson’s Movie Gets Postponed

One of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movies was postponed. A wrestling biopic which follows female wrestler Paige and her family was supposed to be out this year. The reason for the delay remains unknown, but The Rock will share with us what’s going on as soon he finds the time.

On Friday, MGM announced that the release date for Fighting With My Family is moved to March 1st, 2019. The project which follows Paige on her path of becoming a WWE Diva was scheduled to be released this year, on September 14th. So, the delay which is ahead of us is a pretty massive one considering that instead four months we now have to wait ten months for this film.

The movie is directed and co-written by Stephen Merchant. The inspiration for this project came from the Channel 4 documentary which also deals with Paige and her rose to the stardom in WWE. Prior to Wrestlemania 34 People’s Champ shared a short sneak peek of this movie featuring him together with Paige and her brother Jack. The two got burned by The Rock and what people call ‘the verbal Smackdown.’


In addition to the cameo from Dwayne Johnson, the movie has a quite impressive cast. Florence Pugh (Marcella) is the leading role as Paige, while Nick Frost and Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones) got the parts of her parents.

At the moment Paige’s WWE career is on stall as she is once again injured. The health issues that she is experiencing are quite severe, and her career is once again in jeopardy. A few months ago she finally made her in-ring return as the leader of Absolution. The female faction attracted attention, but Paige soon went off the air after a neck injury. It remains unknown if she would wrestle ever again.

Another thing about which we still do not have any detailed information, is the reason for the delay of Fighting With My Family. We know that The Rock is running on a tight schedule, but he’s known as the person who always delivers. So People’s Champ isn’t the problem, What is, remains to be seen.