Dwayne Johnson Explains The Significance Of Skin-To-Skin

When Dwayne Johnson got his second daughter with Lauren Hashian, he shared the news via Instagram. The photo was showing him holding Tiana Gia on his chest. The Rock was shirtless which attracted the attention of his fans. Twitter went into a frenzy commenting on shirtless Dwayne, making jokes in the process. Johnson, a positive guy he is, accepted the jokes but gave a serious answer to those who were curious about why he was bare-chested.

Twitter user @atupchurch wrote: “Nurse: would you like to hold your new baby?@TheRock: hold on, let me take my shirt off.”

As we said, Johnson lightly took the joke but responded thoughtfully: “Good one! Buuuuut one day when you have babies Allison you’ll understand the power of skin to skin.”

Johnson already has two daughters, so he understands how vital is skin-to-skin contact with a newborn child. According to Dr. Christine Greves who is a doctor at Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology at Orlando Health skin-to-skin is essential because: “It has been demonstrated to give benefits to both the baby and the parents. It activates oxytocin release and reduces anxiety.”

This hormone (Oxytocin) is known as cuddle hormone, and it helps in forming bonds between people. The body releases it after two people have intimate relationships, or in case of women, after they gave birth to a child. When a parent holds a newly born child on their chest skin-to-skin, it releases this hormone in both of them. According to Dr. Greves: “It makes the parents feel better, calm and more relaxed.”

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Don’t think that only parents have benefited from this. This type of contact is called kangaroo care, and babies have immense benefits from it. They bond better with their parents, act more relaxed, their heartbeat become calm, and they breathe normally thanks to it. It also stabilizes their body temperature. The benefit that parents will love is that because of skin-to-skin babies cry less.

As you can see Dwayne Johnson is not only an action star and Hollywood’s best-paid actor, he’s a father of three, and a good one at that. With his popularity on social networks, this type of information becomes available to millions. Johnson is a master at showing us the proper way to utilize popularity and social networks.