Nakamura Will Take The Championship From Styles Using Heel Tactics

WWE booking and scripting is at its best when they need to make one of their beloved babyfaces turn heel. For some wrestlers, this move is necessary to help them reach the summit of World Wrestling Entertainment.

One of the best rivalries and feuds going on right now at WWE is the one between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. The Japanese superstar is the one who turned heel a few weeks ago. But he still waits to have a WWE Championship around his waist. The best way for him to do this is to defeat Styles. The first opportunity to do this is at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble. Nakamura will have a chance to make himself the greatest villain alive in WWE. Shinsuke will probably achieve this by winning against Styles. But the manner of his win will most likely be one which lacks honor. In order to turn heel entirely, he will need to win by using dirty tactics, like he already started to do.

Turning Nakamura heel was one of the best moves the company did in recent times. He is on a hot streak and audience is starting to accept his new role. They need to cash in on this by making him a WWE Champion.

The biggest testimony that Shinsuke Nakamura is getting followers as a heel is that the YouTube video of his attack on Styles and Daniel Bryan generated 3.3 million views. Part of the interest is about Bryan and Styles, both of them babyfaces, but part of it is about Nakamura.

It is clear that Nakamura is not only generating popularity in recent times after turning heel. In 2017 he was voted as the most popular new star in WWE. Fans love to cheer for him because he is charismatic. One of the things that the company will have troubles to do is to make fans boo him. Because that’s what should happen when one turns heel.

To do this, WWE will make him win the championship, but in a manner that will make him hated. Doing everything in their power to win is what heels do, and the same should be expected from Nakamura. There will be no clean win at Greatest Royal Rumble.

AJ Styles is champion for more than five months. Losing to Nakamura comes at the right time. Shinsuke will become a super heel WWE wants him to be, while both will have a great storyline in coming months when Styles starts pushing for a rematch.