Dez Bryant Says New York Giants Will Be Scary!

Dez Bryant is a free agent, being released by Dallas Cowboys a week or so ago. He’s on a lookout for a new team. Sources are claiming that Bryant rejected a three-year deal worth $21 million from Baltimore Ravens. This is a sign that Bryant knows what he wants. Same sources are claiming that Dez intends to stay in NFC East and that he wants a massive one-year prove-it deal.

Even after he left the Star at Frisco, Dez is still commenting on the happenings in Dallas. During the last night first-round draft, which is being held at Dallas, Dez was very active on Twitter. He was commenting everything from who Dallas should pick (Calvin Ridley was his choice), how is his search for a team going, and on the New York Giants selection.

After drafting Penn State running back Saquon Barkley as the No2 pick in the first round of NFL Draft, Dez wrote on Twitter: “Giants will be scary.”

Bryant is trying to sell himself to Giants for some time now, marking them as a team he would love to join. But, his comment is on the spot. With an experienced Elli Manning at QB and Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard at WR, Evan Engram at tight end and now Barkley at RB they have a potent offense. We should mention that they also signed left tackle Nate Solder from New England Patriots.

Looking at other tweets, Dez is not the only one believing that Giants will be a huge offensive threat.

In an interview with Jane Slater of NFL Network Dez Bryant once again confirmed that he wants to join an NFC East team, to be able to face Dallas Cowboys two times a year. But the way things stand now, no team from Cowboys’ division seems interested in Bryant. Despite releasing Brandon Marshall a few days ago, Giants hadn’t made a move to approach Bryant. They don’t seem interested.

For now, Dez will have to stick with a gig of NFL Draft commentator.