Here Is How Much Money WWE Is Making For Greatest Royal Rumble

When you take a look at what WWE has for the Greatest Royal Rumble and its card, you are going to notice that it is pretty stacked. Almost every big name in the company is going to be there and we are going to get a show that is at least 5 hours long. This was probably supposed to be just like a house show, but since there are so many great matches on the card, the company probably came up with the idea that they are going to stream this on the WWE Network.

Many are wondering why are they going to Saudi Arabia now? Why are they going over there to have a show like this? The fact of the matter is that this card is probably good enough to be shown on Wrestlemania.

The answer to that question is pretty simple – WWE is after the money. The government of Saudi Arabia is going all out for this event. The reports are saying that the fans are getting a free drink when they get to the arena and that the tickets for the show are extremely low priced.

This is going to be a huge loss for Saudi Arabia, but they don’t care about that, they are not after money in this deal. Their goal is to put on a big show. That is why WWE is going to let them handle everything, they have nothing to do with the ticket sales. Of course, the company will get the money, but they are allowing Saudi Arabia price the tickets anyway they want to.

Why? Well, WWE is going to make something around 100M-200M dollars just for hosting the event. The tickets, merch and other things are just going to bolster the income. That is why Vince McMahon is sending his troops there – it’s just good business.