Alexa Bliss Recently Had Surgery For Breast Implants

WWE is in the midst of huge chaos when it comes to building for two big shows that are separated by just one week. Backlash is their pay per view, the real PPV, while the greatest Royal Rumble event is just there for them to earn a lot of money since the government in Saudi Arabia went all in when it comes to money to make this happen.

One thing that WWE doesn’t have to worry about is booking the women’s division for this show since they are not going to be in Saudi Arabia. The policy there is that they can’t wrestle in the ring attires that they currently have, and they would have to wear something different than they usually do, something that is really not comfortable to wrestle in.

That’s why all their focus, when it comes to women, is getting them ready for the Backlash. On the Raw side of things, we have Alexa Bliss going up against Nia Jax, in a rematch from Wrestlemania. Nia won the belt for the first time in her career in that match, but now Alexa has that rematch clause.


One thing that is interesting going into this battle is the fact that Alexa Bliss had quick surgery to replace her breast implants. She had them already, even though there are a lot of people that probably didn’t even know that fact.

She had an eating disorder when she was young, and she got the implants even before she ever stepped a foot in the ring. Now, Bliss had to go to the doctor to have them replaced since a lot of time has passed since she had done that.

With that being said, she is still scheduled to face Nia at the pay per view even after this procedure.