Triple H Says That The Undertaker Will Pick His Matches

The Undertaker exited his retirement during the Wrestlemania 34, but what does the future hold for him? At the moment The Dead Man is preparing for his Casket Match against The Bulgarian Brute Rusev at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Talking about The Undertaker’s return to WWE full-time, Triple H said that the legend such as The Master of Mind Games can decide when will he return as he “earned that right.” Talking about his readiness to participate in matches on a regular basis, The Game said that The Undertaker “feels great.”

The clash against Rusev will be his second in-ring appearance this year after he fought John Cena on April 8th, in New Orleans. Before that, it passed more than a year since his last fight.

The 53-year old wrestler is a seven-time WWE champion and a certainty for WWE Hall of Fame. Because of his reputation, he was given a permit to decide in which events he will participate. Talking to reporters from Sky Sports Triple H said: “If there’s one person who has earned the right to call the shot the way they want it to be called, it’s The Undertaker. I think this will all depend on him and I think it should all depend on him. At this point, it should be about what he wants to do and what he feels comfortable doing.”

Triple H is an admirer of The Undertaker, and as much as fans would love to see The Dead Man on every Raw or Smackdown show the decision remains his solely. Triple H said that whatever the decision is only The Grim Reaper knows what he wants to do: “I know that he as a performer always wants to be able to give his best and if he can’t then he doesn’t want to do it. When he’s in a position like he is right now, where he feels great, he wants to be out there and show The Undertaker to the world. But it really comes down to what he wants to do, as it should.”

For now, we are going to see him fighting Rusev in Saudi Arabia, but after that, his schedule remains unknown. It seems to us that his decisions will be made on a day-to-day basis.