Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage Ended Filming


Dwayne Johnson is a busy man who often works on various projects at once, and one of his upcoming movies called Rampage has been officially completed. Rampage is based on the best-selling arcade video game which was popular in the 1980s. The film is directed by Brad Peyton.

Alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson, we are going to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Naomie Harris whereas plenty of action-movie set pieces will be featured in the film. Peyton and The Rock have already worked together in the disaster film called San Andreas, and hopefully, their latest movie is going to attract an even larger number of fans than the highly successful project from 2015.

Now that everything has been filmed, the post-production crew is going to take over, and their job is to bring the giant mutated beast to life. Johnson posted a photo on Instagram in which we can see him together with the Oscar nominee Naomie Harris. He praised her performance on the set of a new film and confirmed that the production ended officially.


When it comes to plot, we know that The Rock will try to stop several genetically modified animals in the new Rampage and hopefully the movie version of the famous video game will live up to the expectations. The game is pretty straightforward, which is good because it opens room for creativity and Rampage is supposed to be better received than Baywatch. The new movie is going to hit the silver screen in April 2018.

If you are a big fan of Dwayne, you will have a chance to watch him in one more movie before Rampage. This film is called Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and it will be premiered in December this year. Hopefully, this will be a nice way to wrap up the year which The Rock started off amazingly with The Fate of the Furious, but his popularity has slightly been shaken with Baywatch.

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