Take a look at some of the most beautiful bridges in the world

Linking the two otherwise not joinable territories together, bridges still represent one of the greatest achievements of the human race. Beside their function, nowadays they also carry a specific look. Some of the best architects in the world were working on the design of some bridges, to make them absolutely breath-taking. And here is the list of some of the most beautiful bridges in the world.

Rakotz Bridge – Germany


This bridge was constructed in Gothic style back in 1860. Its name is “Rakotzbrücke” but it is also known as the “Devil’s Bridge.” This bridge is now being used to walk on, in order to preserve its beauty.

Living Root Bridges – India


One bridge that is located in the village Cherrapunji grows from a Ficus elastica tree and is actually alive. The residents of this village have been taming this tree in a shape of a bridge, and it is said that it takes from ten to fifteen years for it to grow so it would be possible to walk on.

Henderson Waves Bridge – Singapore


The link between Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park is called Henderson Waves Bridge. What makes the appearance of this bridge so special is its wave-like structure as well as curved steel ribs. Besides that, it has another beautiful addition to its appearance. This bridge is illuminated with Led lights when the sun goes down.

The Helix Bridge – Singapore


Absolutely different from any other in the world, this helix-structured bridge represents the link between Marina Centre with Marina South in the Marina Bay. It has four platforms, specially constructed to enable the lovely view of the marina for its pedestrians. It also has inner spiral which allows people to sit on the bridge.

Aiola Island Bridge Bar – Austria


As you can drive the conclusion from its title, this bridge is not just a mere bridge, it is a bridge that has a bar, area for sunbathing, a theater and an area for children to play. This multifunctional bridge was built in 2003, and its creator was Vito Acconci. This man made marvel has attracted lots of tourists to Graz.