Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the new Jumanji movie and his concerns about raising a daughter in Hollywood!


If you haven’t heard or read already, there are some problems rocking the entertainment industry lately and this time it is all about the inappropriate behavior of some male stars and directors towards their female colleagues. Dwayne, a father of two girls (third on the way), had to weigh in and according to him he is “so proud of the brave women who have stepped forward” during this “watershed moment.” He had an interview with ABC News‘ T.J. Holmes and, among other things, he expressed some of the difficulties and worries when you have to raise your daughters in a concrete jungle that is Hollywood.


His oldest daughter Simone, from his first marriage, is the one to be proud of, according to Dwayne, and this 16-year-old has already expressed the desire to pursue a career in Hollywood. Dwayne added “Naturally, the concerns are there,” and with this, he referred to the latest harassment scandals that shake the industry. He continued by saying “We’ve had this conversation before with her because … it’s so prevalent. Ultimately, we circle back around to being so proud of the brave women who have stepped forward, and really created this watershed moment.” When it comes to concerns and being a worried father, Dwayne stated that “I’m her dad, and I’m always going to have concerns with her, period.”


But before all of this new scandal talks, Dwayne and ABC News’ T.J. Holmes sat down and started discussing about Dwayne’s highly anticipated new film “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” As you already know this movie is a new take on the original one that was released back in 1995, which starred Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt and others. The new Jumanji features crew like Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Karen Gillan. Since his new movie is coming out on Christmas, Dwayne stated that there is a special responsibility when that is the situation. He said “I’ve never had the privilege of having a movie come out during Christmas. When you have a Christmas movie come out, I think that you have a responsibility, make sure it’s good.”


One more thing makes this film special and close to Johnson’s hearth, and it’s thanks to the fact that it was filmed on Hawaii where he basically grew up. “We were forced to leave the island because we couldn’t pay the rent. I remember thinking, “I will do everything I can to make sure we’re never in this position … again.” The irony is not lost to me that we’re in Hawaii, but it also gives me a real … strong foundation of gratitude.” Johnson stated. He also talked about the People magazine’s hottest man alive award he received back in 2016, and he stated that he didn’t receive one this year and according to him “that is a title of which I do not relinquish. I am today and will forever be the se*iest man alive.”

As one of his secrets to both family and business success is to maintain some level of normalcy in your day-to-day, never mind how tough that can be sometimes. He said ABC News that “We use the term at home, me and my family, is really keep things “simple core” … movies on the weekend, find a good pizza place, have a good shot of tequila, get some good loving in.”

In the end, the last piece of info, if you haven’t heard so far, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle hits theaters near you tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017. Enjoy, we know we will!

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