Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson promises to ‘squeeze the life out’ his daughter’s boyfriend!

When asked about his thoughts on his daughters’ potential boyfriend the famous actor and bodybuilder had some ‘strong’ words. Dwayne (44 years old) jokingly promised that he would choke the life out of her boyfriend. The Rock who earned that nickname while competing in WWE revealed that if his 15-year-old daughter were to bring a boy home, he would use a choking technique to ‘escort’ him out.

We acquired this piece of ‘information’ during his YouTube Q&A which was named ‘The Truth About Wrestling – Seven Bucks March Q&A.’ These were his exact words: ‘If Simone came to me and was like, ‘Listen, Dad, I’m dating someone.’ I’d be like ‘OK cool; well bring him in.’ Then he comes in, ‘Hello, what’s your name?’ ‘Hi my name is aghghaaa *interrupts the conversation* Right there! What that is, is the throat I’m grabbing, that means I’m choking the life out of this boy, and then he goes down. Simone’s not in the room right now because she was escorted out.’ That was the plan according to The Rock.

He also went on to add ‘You’re fighting for your life. Stay down there. And that’s how I would react.’ Johnson, whom we will see in the upcoming movie ‘Baywatch‘ also uploaded a funny video to his Instagram account where he shares with the world the ‘slip’ of the hand when he explains what the ‘fair shake’ is. The caption of the video says ‘I’m a loving and wise father who believes in “a fair shake” even though his hand ‘slipped’ towards the neck. Very foxy Rock, very foxy and that’s why we love you!


You can find The Rock on YouTube where he often shares vlogs and shares updates from his personal life. His video clips are becoming more and more viral, and we understand perfectly well why. Beware, potential boyfriends! The Rock is watching!