Honda showcased their futuristic NM4 Concept that they built for Scarlett Johansson’s new movie

Since the hype about the Scarlett Johansson’s upcoming film “Ghost In The Shell” is in full motion, and since the movie trailer is all around the web, Honda decided to use that momentum. Japanese manufacturer even added upon the overall hype by showing their futuristic NM4 Concept which will be in the movie, this weekend.

As you probably seen by now, the movie “Ghost In The Shell” will revolve around Johansson playing the role of Major, who is miraculously saved from a very horrible crash and after that cyber-enhanced in order to become the perfect solider fighting against criminals. But let’s talk a little about the motorcycle in question. This wonderful new concept from Honda, which will star in many scenes, is based around the ongoing NM4 which was introduced in 2014. According to the images we found, the front end and front fairings are very similar to the road-going NM4, but what has changed is the middle section of the bike. Apparently, the midsection and the tail end are entirely new and “tailor made” for this occasion with a very sharp and, at first sight, very uncomfortable seat, a single-sided swingarm and fully-covered carbon fiber wheels with appropriately “fat” tires.

To all of you who are eagerly expecting the release of the movie, we are glad to inform you that it will hit the cinemas near you on March 31st. But this is also one of that win-win news because, besides the movie-buffs, motorcycle enthusiasts will also get a chance to enjoy the preview of this incredible concept bike in action, but before the movie be sure to check it out (if you can) at the Osaka Motorcycle Show this weekend.