Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Tyrese Gibson are finished!

Even though there are a lot of people that like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, there are some that aren’t really fond of him. Tyrese Gibson, his co-star from the Fast and Furious movie, is one of those who had some issues with the biggest star in Hollywood today.

The Rock never wanted to talk about this and never address it publically, but when he was asked about Tyrese during a show, he gave a nice answer. It seems that their relationship is not going to get any better as Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle doesn’t want it to get better.


When somebody talks about your family the way Tyrese did, you just don’t have a choice but to eliminate those kinds of people from your life. Gibson did apologize for his comments, but that relationship finished.

Dwayne explained that he really didn’t think that this would ever happen because he had known Gibson for a long time. This was not just two people meeting each other and disliking each other right from the get-go. This was one person doing something that the other one never expected.

The Rock went on to say that a fight between two guys usually requires both people to have something against the other, but he said that this was really one-sided. Since then, Johnson stated that he didn’t even speak to Tyrese again.

Dwayne also added that he doesn’t feel like they need to talk ever again, nor does he want to. These two can now walk their two separate ways.

The Rock is going to be in the spin-off film, while Gibson is going to be back in the Fast and Furious 9 movie that is scheduled to come out in 2024. That’s about it.