Who Is Going To Be Cowboys’ Most Impactful Rookie?


The NFL season is just around the corner and all of the teams are getting ready for the training camp. It’s actually crazy to think that we are going to watch football in about one month’s time. Yeah, it’s the preseason, but it still counts. We are going to take it since we haven’t watched football since early February.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the teams that are hoping to do better than they did in 2017 when they missed the Playoffs. The goal for them this offseason was to get healthy, to get younger and quicker on the defensive side of the ball and to go into the season without any distractions.

They did get younger on defense, but will their most impactful rookie be a player that is in charge of stopping the other team from scoring? Well, we don’t think so.

Even though Vander Esch was their first-round pick, the fact of the matter is that he is going to be sharing time with Jaylon Smith. Because of that, we have another choice for ‘Boys’ most impactful rookie.


His name is Connor Williams. He is the guy that needs to get a little bit stronger, but Williams is going to be in the starting lineup and is likely not going to miss a lot of snaps this season. Connor should be the starting left guard from week 1 and will play with the experienced and talented guys in that o-line.

Some even thought that Connor Williams should have been a first-round selection, so the Dallas Cowboys are quite happy that he has fallen to them at No. 50. Now, with the help of Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick, the offensive line of the Cowboys can be the best in the NFL, like it was when Tony Romo was the guy behind the center.