Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Introduces “Dwanta Claus” to the World


Everybody knows that the former WWE superstar and current Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has a popular alias “The Rock”.Now however, the star of “Rampage” has another cool and weird nickname he wants fans to get to know. During this holiday season, he is Dwanta Claus.

Entertainment Weekly gave us a hint of their upcoming Christmas issue. Johnson is set to be the cover star. They released a short, two-minutevideo where he is wearing an unusual festive sweater with a skull on it. He talks about his favorite Christmas related things.

The star of the 2018 movie “Skyscraper” actor reveals his favorite Christmas song and movie, and remembers the best and worst gifts he has ever received for Christmas. The best thing he feels he gets are when the fans get tattoos of his face, while theworst was “nothing” from his mom when he was 13.

The absolute highlight of the video however is at the very start, when he introduced his new alter ego “Dwanta Claus,” a modern and cooler version of our dear Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.

“What I can tell you about Dwanta Claus is he’s non-denominational. Let’s start with that. He takes care of everybody — all genders, all races, all ages,” Johnson stated. “He’s a little bit naughty, little bit nice. Like tequila. His sleigh is driven by bulls, Brahma bulls, but he has his little sidekick. Hobbes is his name. And he has reindeer antlers growing out of his head. Not the kind that you wear like a hat, but legitimately, he has antlers growing out of his head,” said the always entertaining star.

We cannot help but think that he may have some movie ideas related to this cool new nickname. Stay tuned!