Scalability And Handling Massive Traffic- What Makes Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform Out There?

As an e-commerce merchant, if you are looking for a platform with maximum scope for scalability, then Shopify definitely makes for one of the best possible bets for your business. Shopify offers Shopify Plus, which comes with a range of features that make scalability easier and streamlined for you. It is easily one of the best e-commerce platforms for your online presence.

But, what really makes it the best e-commerce platform in the market? Shopify Plus is perfect for handling massive amounts of traffic and enhancing your efforts at scalability. Many online merchants and websites end up incurring losses on special events such as those of Black Friday or in case of special discounts. Most often, such websites end up crashing in the face of extremely high volumes of traffic. In this context, Shopify Plus offers just the right set of features for better scalability without running the risk of your website crashing. Instead, with Shopify Plus you can run huge profits and derive a whole set of benefits.


Here are a few ways through which Shopify proves to be the best ecommerce platform out there:

Withstand Enormous Traffic Volumes And Leverage Them For Profits

Shopify offers Simplistic, which is one of the best tools for handling traffic in massive numbers. You can use Shopify Plus to draw attention to your website and host major sales and discounts without worrying over the hassles of your website crashing. In fact, with the help of Shopify, you can leverage the surge in website traffic to push your sales up. Simplistic by Shopify Plus allows you to handle such huge flows of traffic to your website. In doing so, it lets you make the most of the traffic to your website and maximize lead generation online. Moreover, instead of spending massive amounts on making your website crash-proof from extreme surges in traffic, you can use Shopify Plus, which can be leveraged to create a revenue generating stream. It also comes with a CDN, hosting and licensing.

Management Of All Operations Behind The Scenes

100% Pure uses Shopify Plus to sync the inventory, marketing, and information related to products

For increased efficiency and productivity for your business, Shopify Plus is just the right platform. It comes with some of the best CMS as well as OMS capabilities that lay a strong ground for running multiple online stores through multiple channels. Shopify has built a network of some of the best partners as well as developers and you can read more about it with just one click. This community of developers and technology specialists can be leveraged to help high-growth and high-volume websites. Shopify, in this context, can work well with the technology and back-end operations of nearly any kind of sellers online including management of inventory systems, product information management, management of warehouse software and order management systems, among various other things.

Automated Flows And Operations

Shelfies is an apparel brand that leverages the automation tool of Shopify to schedule custom orders and detection of frauds

Shopify Plus makes your job a streamlined and easy one by offering tools for automation. Automation is the ultimate tool for saving on your time and allowing you to focus on prioritizing tasks. Instead of spending time on repetitive, less important tasks, with the help of automation tools, you can allocate your time and resources towards tasks focusing on the growth of your brand. Shopify offers a tool called ‘Flow’ with which you can automate many aspects including product publishing, campaign management- segmentation and categorization of customers, order management systems and management of your inventories, among various other relevant tasks.

Shopify’s ‘Launchpad’ is another automation tool to watch out for, as it allows you to schedule and coordinate important flash sales and discounts, holidaying as well as product drops. Automated launches through this tool ensure that you can focus on your pay as well as organic campaigns.

Shopify Plus also offers ‘Scripts’ for producing best business results.

Multiple – Channel Approach

It is an undeniable fact that if you want maximized sales of your products, you should be present on multiple channels. Shopify Plus offers a multiple channel software which allows you to control your inventory management system, use merchandising templates, management the orders and fulfillment and also ascertain the effectiveness of channels. To put it simply, with the multi-channel software offered by Shopify, you can integrate with online as well as offline channels.


Compliant And Reliable Security For All Your Data

Data breach and malware are some of the biggest threats to the security of your website. Such threats can be a risk to yours as well as the sensitive information of your customers and website visitors. You can rely on the safety and security offered by Shopify Plus for the protection and security of your data. With Shopify Plus, all the risk management and assessment of compliance procedures are put in place, ensuring maximum safety for your online business on Shopify. In fact, Shopify covers all the aspects of your online store from the admin to credit card payments and other sensitive information.

A Great Collection of Apps

Shopify has also a handful of collection of apps that help businesses to boost their sales!
Apps like TADA helps merchants in creating gamified email popups to collect more subscribers while keeping the store visitors engaged and happy. If you haven’t heard about e-commerce gamification, then you should definitely check it out!