Dwayne The Rock Johnson pauses production on Skyscraper due to Injury

Source: instagram.com

We all know too well that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the strongest guys in the movie industry. However, even the strongest man can get hurt and feel the pain.

The Rock recently took to Instagram and claimed that he had ‘shut down’ production of his new movie ‘Skyscraper’ due to an injury. He needed medical assistance for what he called ‘boo boo.’

He posted a photo of himself being treated for a cut on his leg. Yes, that cut is referred to as ‘boo boo.’

Ex-wrestler’s wound is seeping blood, and you can see bloody bandage hanging off his leg as he closely monitors his doctor’s actions.

The caption below the photo stated how the production needed to be shut down for a few minutes due to this mishap.

‘Shut production down for a few minutes so my good buddy, Dr. Lim could administer a tetanus shot and inspect my gash aka DJ boo boo.’

‘Not sure if he was more weirded out when I said, I actually love making things bleed or when I asked for a teq*ila flavored lollipop for my pain. #SkyscraperMovie #LetTheBloodFlow’

As you can clearly see from the photo above the actor really takes great care of his looks. His biceps are ripping his black T-shirt while he is standing with his injured leg raised up on a chair.

However, it seems like that is not the only wound he had that needed dressing.

His left forearm was wrapped in a bloody bandage. By the looks of the bandage maybe Dr. Lim later had to treat that wound too.

Even though it seems that The Rock went through an uncomfortable situation we believe that he came out once again as a winner.

‘No one can stop the rock’ is how his faithful fans cheered him on Instagram. One of them wished Dwayne a speedy recovery. ‘Hope you get well soon!’

Somebody else wrote: ‘This is not supposed to happen to a hard ROCK. Take care of this wound.’

The action-thriller movie Skyscraper is set to be released next year. The Rock plays Will Ford who will have to deal with a hostage situation. Neve Campbell is also starring in this film. Neve is best known for his role in the movie ‘Scream.’

While we wait for the first trailer of this movie, take a look at Dwayne’s upcoming Jumanji: