iPhone Saves Woman’s Life In Las Vegas Shooting


In a notorious Las Vegas shooting, one woman was saved by her mobile phone which blocked a bullet. She was confused about what happened and on her way home she told a taxi driver that her rose gold iPhone saved her life and she took a picture of the device. The back of her iPhone is completely shattered, but the bullet seemed to change direction after a hit as it didn’t just create a hole in it.

We don’t know what exactly this woman was doing with the smartphone and where did she keep it during what appeared to be the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States. A total death toll of the massacre is 59, whereas more than 500 were wounded when a man called Stephen Paddock started shooting at the innocent crowd on a concert.

The perplexed fans had to run away in horror as the man started to shoot with his machine gun on a country music festival which took place in Las Vegas. Jason Aldean was performing as the rain of bullets caused people all over the concert occupied area to look for cover and ducking, trying to save their lives. People were desperately trying to flee, and gunfire shots were mixed with screams and shouts of fans who have come to relax and enjoy the show.

According to police reports, Paddock was firing down on the crowd for 11 minutes at least. He was positioned at the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, nearby the concert site. After he wreaked havoc, Paddock shot himself before the police could intervene and they founded his dead body as they stormed Room 135. The police were shocked to find 23 weapons in his hotel room, whereas later on, they discovered further 19 firearms, explosives and several rounds of ammunition in his Mesquite home.

The police investigation continues as they hope to find out why this multimillionaire carried out the attack, which will be remembered as the deadliest mass shooting in US history.