Dwayne the Rock Johnson – the Reasons Why He Left WWE for Acting


Chris Van Vliet recently had an interview with former WWE superstar and current A-list Hollywood actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The main subject of their conversation was the moment in Johnson’s career when he decided to swap the WWE for acting and how did his previous experience help him in building successful Hollywood career.

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In his newest movie ‘Moana’ instead of muscle and his acting abilities he is using his voice a lot. With this film being an animated one this makes perfect sense. The Rock was known for his singing from old WWE days. The question that interviewer asked him was related to that. How did his WWE performances help him while filming ‘Moana’?

Dwayne Johnson was very sincere in answering so he concluded that the credit shouldn’t go entirely to him. Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote the music for ‘Moana’ was the man behind it all according to The Rock. Miranda did a lot of research and dig deep to find some of Dwayne’s old gigs from WWE where he did a lot of talking and singing. Based on this performances Lin-Manuel decided that the song that would best suit Hollywood superstar is ‘You’re Welcome’. Johnson had only words of praise for Manuel further stating that man is a genius and that he loved working with him. The song fitted Dwayne completely and after going trough it a couple of times he was more than into it.

Later in the interview, he stated that voicing an animated person in ‘Moana’ was one of the hardest roles he’s had since joining Hollywood elite. He contributes this to the fact that he had, like never before, had to use a different type of muscles. ‘The Rock’ said that conversation with other person is something entirely different than trying to put life in animated character with your voice alone. Experience that he loved.


In the end, he talked some about the real reasons for why did he change the world of WWE for a whole new experience in Hollywood. He attributes his decision to the fact that he wanted something else, a new challenge and that he didn’t want to settle himself with one thing alone. His accomplishment in wrestling is something that he is proud of and ‘The Rock’ believes that there is nothing out there like wrestling but that he just had to move on. Dwayne Johnson loved the WWE he loved the crowd and crowd loved him back, but he had it all there. The challenge of going into something new, unfamiliar where he didn’t make a name for himself yet, was hard to say no. ‘The Rock’ was greeted with a lot of cynicism and had to put up a fight, and Dwayne did. The fight was hard, but he listened to his inner winning voice and brought out the best out of him. The Hollywood said: Bring it! And he did just that.