iPhone 8 with new wireless charging tech has a release date!

Apple’s much anticipated and much announced new flagship phone will have a new feature that will give it an unbelievable advantage over other smartphones. That edge comes in the form of wireless charging. But you are probably thinking that it isn’t anything new, and to some extent you are right, but then again this is something completely different. Well, what if I told you that this is true wireless charging that will allow this device to be charged from the distance of up to 15 feet. How about that?!

As you probably already know, wireless charging was something Samsung came up when they launched the S6. The basic idea of it was that you do not have to plug your phone into a charging adapter to recharge your battery. Instead, they developed something that is called a charging pad, which turned out to be a hit offering its owners a seamless charging experience as opposed to the traditional plugin charger.


Apple started a partnership with a company called Energous, according to BGR article, to develop new wireless charging technology for iPhone 8. They submitted the patent named “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment” which explains how devices can be charged using magnetic resonance. This is already reported to have found its way into the first variants of the iPhone 8 devices that are currently being tested. The way it will work is that the gadget itself will host a module that will connect to a transmitter which is plugged into a wall socket. As a result, you will be able to use and charge your phone without any restrictions as long as you remain in a radius of 15 feet of that wall socket transmitter. Now that is truly wireless charging.

Not so long ago, before all of this was disclosed, Nikkei Asian Review reported that iPhone is trying to produce and manufacture wireless charging modules that are going to be used on Apple’s iPhone 8 and that they are cooperating on that with Foxconn. A few sources that are close to both companies, as well as industry, hinted that this new tech is pushed to happen in time for Apple’s 10th anniversary. But what is somewhat odd is that the same sources report that they are not certain if the iPhone 8 models will come equipped with the wireless module when they are released in 2017. The Apple Inc and Foxconn, when asked, didn’t want to comment on anything regarding the wireless module. This could mean something, right? Why disclose your best feature ahead of time? Well, we will wait and see what actually happens.

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