Dynamics 365 by Microsoft to kick off with $50 Business Edition per month

Source: www.winbeta.org

There are already guesswork on the details and how much the new Microsoft Dynamic 365 offering will go for even it release yet to be announced. The Dynamic 365 is a hot new program from the company that is running on Azure. What it includes are CRM Online, Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Dynamics AX which are referred to as Project Madeira. The Dynamic 365 will have a common business entities database known as a Common Data Model.

The company is offering diverse ways for the Dynamics 365 to be licensed as a bundle. Modules can be matched and mixed for users or the option to avail themselves of the edition bundles known as Enterprise and Business.

For Business aspect of the Dynamics 365, the focus is companies that have up to 10-250 employees. For those that have more than 250 employees, the Enterprise would suite them more. For the Business edition, such features as Sales, Financials, and Marketing modules will be included. However, only the Project Madeira which is the code name for the Financials module will be released this year with others to come 2017.

For the Enterprise edition, Field Service, Marketing, Operations, Customer Service, Sales, and Project Service modules are to be expected.

There will be two options for the Business Edition options for licensing and this is expected to cost $50 monthly. When subscribed, the users will be provided with Marketing, Financials, PowerApps (Microsoft’s development service that comes as business-app) and Sales.  Then for the members of the Business Edition, their charge will be $5 monthly for light users.

The Dynamics 365 Enterprise will have 4 options and they include – single module that the cost will range between $40-$190 for a user on monthly basis and this is according to the module in question; Enterprise Edition, a Plan 2 that include Operations and will go for $210 monthly, Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, a Plan 1 that will cost users $115 a month, and then the Team Members Enterprise Edition that will go for $10 a month for light users

There is however, no hint on whether there will be discounts for volume purchase or for online on-premises usage rights. Microsoft is not divulging any information on specific pricing or denying speculations making the rounds.

Microsoft will give more details concerning Dynamics 365 come October 11th in Florida during its User Group Summit. The Dynamics 365 might be unfolded at the event.