Early Favorites For Money In The Bank Match

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Money In The Bank is one of the most interesting concepts in the world of WWE. Once a year, the ladder match with six superstars takes place each summer. The winner of that battle gets a title shot whenever he wants or chooses. At the end of this tremendous fight, we can see a superstar that climbs the ladder and picks up MITB briefcase. Then he can challenge the champion at any point in time.

Usually, the winner of this match is a heel as getting the title using Money In The Bank is the easiest way out for each and every superstar. It just looks like a heel tactic. Even though there are faces that win the MITB like Ambrose did last year, most of the time it is the villain that takes home the briefcase.

We are two months away from the Money In The Bank PPV, which is a Smackdown Live event. Right now, the biggest favorite to pocket the money in this match is Baron Corbin. It’s no secret that the company has big plans for him in the future. There are reports that this guy is going to be in the main event picture on Smackdown Live in the summer as he has the potential to be the best heel on the blue brand.

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The second favorite is Shinsuke Nakamura. Now, this one is a bit interesting and surprising. He is a face, but the thought of him adding that MITB to his character seems intriguing. It would be interesting to see him with that gimmick. His character and mannerisms are so unique that there is a chance for him to be an amazing Money In The Bank holder.

Among other favorites Kevin Owens, AJ Styles and Sami Zayn are rumored to be in the mix to win the match this summer.