Earn Bitcoin While Playing Games

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In the good old days, you could set your laptop up to profitably mine Bitcoins. Oh, how times have changed. More complicated mining processes have priced retail miners right out of the market. However, there are other ways to pick up Bitcoins that don’t involve solving complex equations. We look at several of the best methods for doing so here, but before you start reading the rest of the article you can check the-bitcoin-profit.com for more ways on how to start earning with Bitcoin.


This game is perfect for those who understand the financial markets but don’t have the capital to get into the game. SparkProfit involves making financial decisions with points earned for profit made. These points can then be cashed in for Bitcoin. The game is free to play and comes with a bunch of tutorials to teach you how to trade. SparkProfit provides a fantastic way to get a good understanding of financial markets with zero outlay of cash.

Bitcoin casinos

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You can now find Bitcoin at a number of online casinos. This means that if you already own some of the cryptocurrency you can bet, and if your luck is in, make even more. Its use is not exactly widespread at the moment so it can be tricky to track down a Bitcoin casino. If you need a hand, then a review site like Slotsadviser will be able to point you in the right direction. They say you need to spend money to make money, so if you are feeling lucky this could be just the ticket.

RPG games

There are several RPG style games that reward players in Bitcoin for completing certain objectives. Three of the most popular at the moments are:

  • Spells of Genesis
  • BitQuest
  • CoinBrawl

If you are a fan of this type of game, then you will love both the action and the ability to earn Bitcoins as you complete tasks.

Bitcoin games on your smartphone

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This category of game is growing in popularity and here are three great ones to get you started.

  • Quiz BTC: Players earn Bitcoins by being the first to come up with correct answers. The faster you answer a question the more Bitcoin you receive. This is perfect for a knowledgeable gamer.
  • Takara: This game is available for iPhone users now, later for Android owners. Takara is a Pokémon Go-style game where players can collect Bitcoins for visiting certain locations. A good way of combining exercise with money-making.
  • Oh Crop: This survivor style game has Android users building up as many points as possible. This is done by collecting tokens to destroy deranged plant life that is trying to kill you! Oh Crop has the potential to provide thrills, spills, and Bitcoins aplenty.

Final words

There are more Bitcoins mined every single day. However, adaptnetwork.com suggest that the total number that can come into existence is finite. This fact helps increase their value further so it is best to get your hands on some now while you can! Gambling, buying, or play games for free. There are many viable ways of getting your hands on this exciting new digital currency.