5 Ways to Earn Bitcoin Without Mining and Investing – 2024 Guide


When bitcoin started gaining its popularity in the past ten years ago, it has reached substantial heights in value as well as in popularity. Today, if you want to earn it, there are different ways, other than mining, since this process will require a machine that is very strong and powerful, this is, of course, very expensive. Another very common way of obtaining bitcoins is to invest in them. Other than these two, there are more ways you can obtain bitcoin, and we will discuss these in the text below.

1. Payment in bitcoins


One of the easiest ways to obtain bitcoins is to use them as a primary currency of payment. Let’s assume that you do not have any bitcoins yet. So, how do you obtain them?

By selling different products online you can ask to be paid in this specific cryptocurrency. This is extremely convenient in-game trades, so if you are selling different items in popular games such as LOL you may encounter buyers that are willing to get the items and pay them in the cryptocurrency you are searching for. Not only this, but different transactions may be done in this manner and it will maintain the income of the bitcoin into your virtual wallet. Be sure that you are familiar with the value of the coin for every transaction there is since you do not want to lose any funds when trading. Also, this coin has few handles, and one of them is bitcoin cash that has lower values than the original bitcoin, so be sure that the currency you are handling is the one of interest.

You may sell regular products on different websites and use this currency as the one favorable for trade. Be sure to check if the website you want to make a trade on has an option of payment you desire. Once set up you just have to wait for the coins to come to you.

2. Taking different tasks

There are different companies that are offering bitcoins in return for doing small tasks for them. This is not as easy as it seems and it is very time-consuming. The tasks that are asked to do are various and they may be very simple from watching videos and visiting offered websites. Others may ask you to do some analysis and similar tasks and in essence, be paid for your troubles. Be aware that the more minor the task is, the less it is paid, so it will take a lot of time to actually obtain a decent amount of coins.

Different providers may offer different little jobs to be completed and to be rewarded with a specific amount of payment in the currency you desire. One of them may ask for typing captcha and earn them this way. In addition to this, there are some specific apps that you may use to obtain them, and this may be a good thing to at least try, since it cannot hurt to have a place where it will slowly increase the funds, no matter how slow it is.

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3. Loans

This is a good option if you have some amount of coins on you. It works very similarly to the loans that can be taken in the bank. This means that you will offer a specific amount, for a different period of time, and establish the rate of return. This is where the fun starts since there will be a specific interest rate that will be established depending on the time given for the loan to be returned. This cannot be done independently and must go through the website that offers this option.

The whole point of the loan giving is to offer a specific amount of the funds and to establish a positive income rate, through the interest rate that will be given. It is common that the interest rates will increase as the time of return and amount of loan increases.

In addition to loans, there can be income to be earned through different trading options.

4. Tips

If you are working online, or writing a blog, or advertising a specific company you may ask for all the tips and payments to be in a specific cryptocurrency you desire. Most companies may be okay with this, so this can be a good way of establishing the specific and constant flow of income in the cryptocurrency of interest. Of course, this should be applied to the additional incomes, since you will still need to pay for the bills and food in regular money on daily bases.

In addition to this, blog writers may have a way of obtaining the coins of interest by accepting payments for advertising on their blog, from different companies, in the currency they desire.


5. Gambling

Last but not the least is betting. This may seem like a risky move, but it is something that is becoming more and more popular amongst players around the world. The companies that are providing online betting services have recognized this as a popular way of payment and started increasing the number of games that can be paid by these. Not only that, but the level of security has increased with this, since the cryptocurrency usage is considered safer, than just leaving your personal data on the website that can be hacked; even though this is very rare since most of the online gambling providers are paying a lot of attention to keep all the funds and data very secure.


As presented there are a lot of ways to get to the desired amount of bitcoin without mining and investing. Even though mining is one of the primary ways you can get to the coin, it for sure is not the only one. The ways mentioned are very simple and do not require investing in a machine that has hardware that should support mining, which is costly. They will take more time to accomplish the goal, and obtain a substantial amount of funds, but it is a good alternative.