Can you Earn Money through Gaming?

Gaming has always been popular among people of almost every age group. And the easy access to gadgets and the internet has now made gaming even more common among people. This large user base has helped the gaming industry to earn millions and billions through games. While the profitability of the gaming industry is quite evident to us, did you know that as a player, you can also earn through gaming?

Yes, there are people who are making real money through gaming. Now you must be wondering how it is even possible. Well, there are several ways to earn money from the gaming sector. And you can also earn money while playing one of your favourite games. The following are some simple methods to earn money through gaming:

Win money in the game

There are several online games that provide you with the opportunity to put some money and earn back after winning.

There are sites like where you can play your favourite games in your leisure time and make some real money through it. 

This is not something you need to commit yourself to. You can play these games anytime and make money if you wish. However, betting is always a risky matter, and you should have some really good skills before you put any money into the gaming to earn later.

Play online tournaments and win the prize money

The Esports industry is continuously rising as a significant part of the gaming sector. You can easily find tournaments of different online games where you can earn large sums of money if you win the game.

As a player, if you find yourself better than others in a particular online game and you have the confidence to beat other players in a tournament, then this is the best method for you to earn money from gaming. Tournaments also have a fee amount to participate in; hence, you can test your gaming abilities by participating in smaller tournaments with less participation fee and less prize money. Then you can try your hands in the bigger tournaments and win large prize money.

Once you have made your name in the Esports industry by winning several tournaments, big tournament organisers are going to sponsor you as well.

Live streaming sessions

If you are already into the games, then you are likely to be familiar with live streams. There are some popular players in specific games who do live stream sessions while playing. The audience of these sessions helps these players to earn money from it. Once you are popular, you can get paid by large companies by running their ads in your live streams.

A good amount of research about the user base, excellent gaming skills, and a good stream setup is all you need to begin your own game live stream sessions and earn from it.

Gaming journalism

Are you good at writing and have a passion for sports? Do you know that you can combine both to make money? Online journalism is gaining huge popularity; readers love to read news about their favourite games, Esport players, tactics, and all other things related to online gaming.

The media is not focusing much on online gaming tournaments, and that’s what newcomers can take advantage of. Create your own social media platforms, blogs, or news publishing sites only for online games. Start subscriptions for your site, or try to get ad revenues from it if you manage to make it popular.


This money-making idea from online gaming is for those who know everything about online games or have a community of people with a similar craze for online gaming. Podcasts are becoming a thing; people listen to them while working, walking, or as a leisure activity. Create podcast channels on popular apps and websites like YouTube and Spotify and start your daily, weekly, monthly programs based on your opinions and knowledge related to online gaming; people will love to listen to you if they find it enjoyable.

Make sure to keep updating your podcasts. As soon as you get popular, your content will get monetized. It is not an easy task at all, but of course, if you determine yourself, then nothing is difficult.

Test games and get paid

This is one of the most awesome jobs where you can earn money. Gaming companies test their new games multiple times before releasing them to the general public. What if I tell you that there are people who are getting paid for testing games? Here, a game tester has the job to focus on every detail and bug that a normal player will find annoying. Game developers hire game testers for testing their games, asking them to notice a set of things in the game to make it perfect before the release.

As a start, you can do it as freelancing; later, if the developers will like your work, they can hire you for full time as well. This work is related to online gaming and can help you earn a significant amount of money.

By selling gaming accounts

A passionate gamer spends a lot of time reaching the highest levels, unlocking all the cards, players, superpowers, etc. But there are still novice players who love playing some particular online games but aren’t very good at it. They always look for people who are selling game content. If you have great ammunition or players in a game or purchased some famous characters inside the game, then you can sell it to others who want it. This can help you in gaining real money.

You can even get paid to help someone in ranking up if you have more skills than them. If you can’t find someone on your own, you can sell your awesome gaming accounts on different online marketplaces with ease available on search engines.


Yes, you can earn real money through gaming. In fact, there are more than one ways to make money through online gaming. Gaming is more than a leisure time activity now, and it could be a reliable source of extra income for you.