Tips on Consume Marijuana for Beginners

One of the biggest advantages of living in a digital age is surely about the accessibility of information, regardless of the subject, as most of the data, we can find by a simple online search. Of course, what many still find confusing is that not every info we can find online is accurate, far from it, as everyone can write and post online, and, in reality, just because there is some writing, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. Now, doing this for topics that are globally popular is easier, as you can easily confirm your sources and realize that what you have found is true and act accordingly. But, when it is not about such a widespread subject, or even worse, about things that are still taboo but with no evident reason (more on this later), or that are banned in some states and countries, finding the accurate info might take more time.

That is one of the biggest problems regarding marijuana and cannabis oil, as there are so many false statements and arguments that have no solid base, yet, many still rather believe it’s bad for us than to accept its benefits. Of course, it all depends on what product one plans to use, as medically speaking, cannabis oil and marijuana can really do wonders for our health and ease the pain, at least.

Where to start?

First of all (and we should all apply this rule for every topic), focus on facts and whether there are real proven benefits or not, and then decide whether that something is for you or not. As for marijuana, there are way too many anecdotes and myths, and you have probably heard some of them before, but even though they might sound funny or even scary, leave it to personal experience before making any conclusion. As for the legality issue, just because something is legal doesn’t make it good for us (just think about liquor), and the only thing different with marijuana that people can argue about is that famous CBD versus THC discussion. So, before making any decisions, learn more about the variety of options and quality products, as by doing so, you will spend more time enjoying vaping, smoking, eating, or consuming marijuana products. To know more about legal weed products, and deliveries visit this website:

Choose the best species

There are different cannabis species, and each of them provides us with different experiences, which is the reason why we should learn more about them and choose the best one for us. That does not mean we need to spend hours doing the research, as we can ask sellers in the trustworthy store we decided to buy products. Knowing the effects of various species is crucial, but we need to keep in mind that everything is absolutely subjective, and one product can have different effects on different people.

Start with smaller doses

It is never a good idea to start with a big dose because your body is not used to cannabis, and it can do more harm than good. Instead of feeling good and relaxed, higher doses can cause feeling scared, nausea, and even paranoia. Because of that, it is a much better option to start slow, with a smaller dose, and increase it gradually. In that way, your body will have enough time to get used to cannabis, and you will feel all the benefits instead of drawbacks.

Consider all the ways of using cannabis

It is important to know that smoking is not the only way to use marijuana, and some others might be a better choice for you, so it is necessary to explore them all and find the best solution. Smoking is probably the most popular way of using marijuana, but many non-smokers are not really thrilled to try it. They usually try to make edibles, which is the second most popular way, suitable for every user because we can easily dosage the amount of cannabis in them. Besides that, we can also find transdermal patches or topicals that can be used to ingest THC through our skin or various tinctures and pills to do it orally. Vaping is one of the ways that is becoming more and more popular every day, and more and more people are choosing it before any other. Many of them believe that it is the safest way and least damaging to our bodies, and because of that, we can use all the benefits without worrying about the negative sides. The truth is that each of these ways of using marijuana has its benefits and flaws, and it is up to you to choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Drink enough water

Many first-time users are not aware of how important it is to drink enough fluids while using marijuana. It is one of the main reasons why they have bad experiences in the end, instead of enjoying all the benefits. Drinking enough fluids is a must, no matter if we are smoking marijuana, vaping it, or making edibles, and the best choice is water. It is crucial to stay hydrated, and if we succeed in that, we do not need to deal with side effects, which can be pretty unpleasant. Besides water, it is always a good idea to eat something sweet.


As you can clearly see, there are a variety of marijuana products and ways to consume them, but perhaps the best advice is to start small. If we had to highlight one of marijuana’s main benefits, that would be a much better quality of life for those who consume it, and, once again, don’t let fake news or false info discourage you from trying it. Of course, always make sure to check whether it is legalized in the country you live in before consuming it, just to avoid any legal problems, and, what’s even more important, whether you qualify for a medical marijuana card. If you don’t know where or how to check that, make sure to consult MyMMJDoctor, as they will connect you with the state-licensed physicians and check if you qualify for medical marijuana in a matter of minutes.