3 Ways to Keep Your Cannabis Oil Fresh- 2024 Guide


Who doesn’t like getting the maximum benefit from their CBD oil? Are you aware that quality narrows down to how you store your product? With minimal storage effort on your part, you risk having the CBD not only go bad or expire before its due time.

By embracing a more actionable approach to CBD oil storage, you enjoy the ideal freshness and the maximum benefit that you truly deserve. If you are yet to know more about it, you need to click here for more informative guidance on its usage and surefire benefits. Once you are familiar with the intricacies, you can go ahead and purchase your first supplement.

However, be sure that storing it well is the most memorable way to enjoy its usage to the fullest. Are you ready to re-learn the ideal way to maintain the perfect freshness of your CBD oil? You are just in luck! Below is a simple way to keep your cannabis oil fresh.

1. Ensure the CBD oil is away from direct light always


You’d be quick to note that most CBD oil supplements come with packaging that provides them with extra protection from direct light damage. However, that isn’t to mean it’s safe to store them just anywhere where it can become affected by the light. CBD has content that often degrades much faster when placed on a counter near a sunny window or the automobile dashboard.

It’d help if you found the ideal place, such as a dry, cold, and dark pantry. It provides an optimal solution and has your CBD maintain its freshness for a long time.

Suppose you lack a pantry that isn’t any cause for alarm. You can wrap your CBD oil supplement in aluminum, thus offering more excellent protection from light degradation.

A fridge could also come in handy while storing your CBD oil. It allows you to maximize its storage life. However, the door would have to remain open for a short period. It’s because, at times, the cold might be too extreme. These conditions might thicken the CBD oil, thus making it almost challenging to dispense in solid form. Nevertheless, all hope isn’t lost if you solidly find your it. You can always re-melt it by placing it in a cup with warm water before using it.


2. Keep it far from any heat source

Heat is a great foe to any CBD products, including CBD oil. Therefore, you need to ensure that you keep your stash from any extreme heat after every use.

As much as CBD oil is organic and pure, you should know that the extraction process hardly guarantees a hundred percent purity. Certain minerals within the CBD oil react somewhat abnormally when exposed to heat. Heat often makes the product appear buttery and murky, which is usually a displeasing sight.

Therefore, any storage cabinet near a stove or oven range is a no-go zone. Storing it near the window is also quite risky. If you are taking your CBD oil while in your automobile, you need to set a reminder so that you don’t forget it inside your vehicle.

3. Strive to keep the CBD oil away from air

Are you aware that air can adversely degrade your CBD oil and, in turn, reduce its effectiveness? Oxygen has a massive ability to alter its chemical balance through oxidation. That’s why the manufacturers take this into account when packaging their products in airtight containers or oral applicators.

Therefore, there’s no need to switch CBD oil into other bottles other than the designated packaging. It’s a simple and less strenuous method that minimizes airflow while limiting the oxidation process that often contributes to quick degradation. Upon usage, you need to replace the cap and seal the bottle tightly before putting it into the storage cabinet. You also need to ensure your product is stored in an upright position in a stable place.

Does CBD oil expire?


Sadly, every supplement might have its usefulness exhausted over time due to regular use or oxidation. However, CBD oil doesn’t expire in the same sense as groceries sitting in the refrigerator as it loses its potency over time while degrading. It’s relatively safe to stick to your CBD oil supplement for at least two years.

Nonetheless, the length can be as short as one year due to the packaging, storage location, and used ingredients. You also need to know that most monotonous carrier oil is the hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. The CBD oil is unique in the sense that it only loses its stability and potency is stored improperly.  Therefore, you need to ensure you follow the ideal guideline to keep it boosted.

Is your CBD past the expiration?


If you are new to using CBD oil, you might be wondering if there’s a way to know if it’s past the expiration date. Other than checking the label, it would help if you had another instinct. It’s because, at different times, the expiration date might state otherwise. You ought to look at two significant crucial signs. Be keen on the appearance as well as its taste.

Do you have a cleat CBD oil bottle? You need to hold the bottle against the light and check if it has any cloudy or murky appearance before using it each time.

Another thing is to pay greater attention to the strong taste when you are using it. That’s not all; you also need to listen to your body and detect if any strong effects you had were beginning to fade away.

There’s more to CBD oil than grasps the eye. Most people are still trying to wrap their heads around this supplement. You need not die out of curiosity when you can check online and learn more about CBD oil, history, usage, side effects, etc. As an informed user, you not only get to store it better but also have a deeper appreciation for the supplement each time you consume it.