EBay Inc (EBAY) Enhances Selection Experience in Stores By use of Mirrors

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) is in the process of enhancing customer shopping experience in brick and mortar stores through the use of interactive mirrors that double up as touchscreens. The use of touchscreens is poised to take the selection of items in large brick and mortar stores to another new level while making it exciting. The feature is already being tested at the Rebecca Minkof store in New York and San Francisco.

Mirrors for Perusing Catalogues

The mirrors will reportedly allow users to search through stores entire catalogue with ease, and with a simple tap in, the selected item would be brought over for viewing and testing in a fitting room. In the case of clothes, users will be able to select a good number of items, which would be delivered in a well-equipped fitting room.

In fitting rooms, eBay will also fit mirrors that double up as a touchscreen with light settings that consumers will be able to adjust to see how different outfits fit on different settings. If a selected outfit does not turn out as earlier thought, by simply tapping the touchscreen users can be able to select another item that will be brought immediately into the fitting room.

Fitting Rooms to Act as Personal Stylist

EBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) also plans to transform the fitting room into personal stylist that can suggest some of the accessories that match selected outfits. The fitting room will do this by the use of RFID tags on the clothes. All the choices that users will make while in eBay stores will automatically be saved in profiles where they can be accessed later.

If everything is okay inclusive of the accessories payment will be made by the use of a PayPal account. EBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) also promises to track customer’s behavior in the stores with cameras, not as a security measure only, but with a view of understanding different styles. It awaits to be seen if the new designs will have a significant impact on the company’s sales this shopping season.