Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to Implement New Privacy Changes Starting 2015


Starting 2015, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) plans to settle once and for all; the long-running debate on who can view what an account holder posts on his or her timeline. The giant social network is already sending users a lengthy email that details all the privacy policy guidelines that will be implemented starting January.

Control Shifting To Users

The updated privacy tools will also highlight basic tips on how to navigate the network and carry out various operations such as removing oneself from a tagged photo. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) intends to give users better control of their accounts with the new set of policies. Users will also be able to control the kind of ads that appear on their news feeds.

In the past, if you opted out of an ad on the desktop version of the network there was always a possibility that the same ad would appear when logged in from a smartphone or a tablet. This are some of the problems that Facebook intends to sort out with the new changes. Facebook reiterates that by implementing the new wave of changes it is sending a message of its willingness to accept user’s choice.

Privacy Protection

User will be allowed to change the kind of ads that appear on their timelines based on apps and sites they use via Digital Advertising Alliance. Users can also opt out by using controls on iOS and Android. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) intends to make ad preferences available in a number of countries including Australia, France and Canada.

The new changes will not affect in any way the privacy levels that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has sought to protect over the years. The social network has already reiterated that it helps advertisers reach people with relevant content based on a specific algorithm that never discloses an identity.

The changes will seek to improve users experience both on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Instagram. For instance, users will be able to use their Facebook information to recover their Instagram Password.