The Eiffel Tower celebrated its 300 millionth visitor and it was a heck of a party!

Yes, you read correct, one of the most popular world monuments just celebrated its 300 millionth visitor, and for that occasion, it was turned into a nightclub for a night. All this happened yesterday. The organizers of this glorious event were expecting vast amounts of visitors, and they weren’t wrong. The response was more than excellent, and people all around the world came to witness this magnificent party, plus there was a special treat that came from the organizers – the first 1.500 guests gained a free entry to the party! The only setback to this was the 328 stairs climb to the top.

The Eiffel Tower is a party by itself, and it doesn’t need any additional help, but this event or fête was hosted as a celebration of the tower’s 300 millionth visitor in its 130-year history, as we already mentioned. As far as the setup of the party is considered, the tower’s operator SETE told in a statement yesterday that “There will be drums on the courtyard of the Eiffel Tower. On the second floor the ambiance will be jazzier, and at the top of the tower it will be a romantic atmosphere with a flute trio,” and indeed that is what awaited everyone when they came. The overall appearance and the look of everything was done magnificently and in the only way in which the Parisians know how to party, but none of that would be manageable if there weren’t a partnership with the Regional Conservatory of Paris. During the entire event, every half hour from 7:30 pm to midnight, organizers managed to pull off a “specially created light show” which was mesmerizing, at the lack of a better word.

This isn’t the first party tied to one of Paris’ landmarks. They have been using them quite often, and the latest amusement was just last week when the city announced that its Olympic venues will incorporate its most iconic sites, and that, of course, included beach volleyball by the Eiffel and swimming in the Seine. How cool is that?! But that is not it, just a few days ago in order to make a grand opening of the Paris Fashion Week, Yves Saint Laurent staged its Spring show at the base of the tower.

An interesting fact we found out says that, according to the survey that took place this summer, the Tower is “the world’s most popular monument on Instagram” and in 2016 it had over 5.8 million people visit it. If the Parisians continue to celebrate anything and everything around the Tower, this title will remain in Paris for many years, and it’s probably suited there as well.

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