2020 BMW 7-Series Caught on Camera


When you think about the car with the most advanced technology and the one which is the most dynamic in the BMW lineup, your association must be the 7-Series. Even though there is still room for improvement, especially in the cabin and exterior design, the BMW 7-Series becomes a six-figure model when you add a few optional features. However, if you are not an expert, the 7-Series can be easily confused with the 5-Series.


BMW’s flagship model struggles, and last year, in the US, it has been sold in just under 13,000 examples. Compared to its rivals, that was a poor result since the Tesla Model S was delivered to about 24,000 customers, whereas 19,000 buyers opted for the Mercedes Benz S-Class. This year is predicted to be even worse for the BMW’s 7-Series, which is why change is necessary.

No wonder the German car maker is upgrading the car drastically in its mid-cycle update. Recently, we have seen a prototype with a lot of covers for a car which is just going through the mid-cycle update process. It appears that the overhauled 7-Series is going to have new headlights, new hood, and brand-new front grille, but the changes to the car’s rear segment are not going to be as dramatic as the ones at the front. Despite that, taillights should get a new design.

In the meantime, the cabin of the new car is going to be more luxurious as the 7-Series is going to sit alongside the marvelous i8 model and the upcoming X7 and 8-Series vehicles. These flagship versions will be equipped with a black and white variation of the BMW roundel that debuted in 1917.


The German manufacturer is expected to add new tech goodies as well. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is going to be one of the features, and it will be a standard piece of equipment in BMW cars starting next year. More enhanced self-driving capabilities are coming, while the carmaker cooperates with Intel, Mobileye and Here to develop the necessary technology.

Powertrains are likely to remain the same, but there is a chance that a second plug-in hybrid will join the ongoing 740e iPerformance. The heavily redesigned BMW 7-Series will go on sale sometime in 2019.