Eighth Saw Movie “Jigsaw” Trailer Revealed


Do you like movies that will keep you at the edge of your seat? You prefer the ones that will keep you awake at night, looking at every sound you hear inside your room or out in the street to some casual, relaxing films? If that is the case, we have wonderful news – the final saw movie Jigsaw is coming soon.

It has been a decade since the movie Saw: The Final Chapter premiered, but it appears that it is not the last film. Saw is a low budget franchise that has made money with every release, so it is logical to see more films in the future. This reboot will probably be as successful as original movies in the franchise because it will closely stick to the formula that has been tested and used.

Jigsaw will be released on October 27, 2017, on Halloween. You can see the trailer below.

The movie will revolve around a copycat Jigsaw killer who appears ten years after his death. Just like in previous films, “the participants” will be forced to play games in order to stay alive and you will have to close your eyes during some disgusting scenes. The police are searching, but they are clueless, just like always. Even though this seems like a basic plot, all the Saw movies are brilliant due to the all the blood and gore. Also, never have I realized that there are so many ways to kill people, right? I bet we will get to know some other intriguing ways in the new Jigsaw (don’t use them in real life, though).

The Saw is returning to the big screen, and if you are a fan of the horror movies and this franchise, in particular, this is a must. What do you think about the trailer?