Eli Manning Or Dak Prescott?

Source: si.com

NFC East is looking pretty good right now. There hasn’t been a clear-cut favorite in this division in the past couple of years, and it seems 2017 is going to be no different. We can say that the New York Giants or the Dallas Cowboys are the favorites in the East, but we can’t be sure whether or not they are actually going to win the division this season.

Some interesting quarterbacks reside in the East as well. We have a good mix of veteran signal-callers that have been in the game for a few seasons. We can say that they are seasoned veterans. As for the second half of the quarterbacks, they are coming off their rookie seasons. Today, we are going to take a look at Eli Manning and Dak Prescott.


Eli Manning hasn’t had a lot of great regular seasons in the past couple of years. The same thing can be said for the year 2016 as it was the defense that carried this team. Now, he has Brandon Marshall and Odell Beckham Jr. to throw the ball to. This Giants’ offense should be hard to deal with if Manning can limit the number of mistakes that he makes.

One guy that we know is not going to make many mistakes is Dak Prescott. He has been delivering for the Cowboys all last year, and he should continue doing the same. Between the two quarterbacks, we trust him more because we know that he is going to do what the Cowboys are asking him to do better than Eli will do what the Giants are asking of him to do.

To us, it basically just comes down to that. Yes, Eli still has some good years left in this league, but we think that Dak Prescott is the better quarterback right now.