World just received a first baby whose gender is UNKNOWN?!

Well, the title is intriguing enough but we assure you that the text is even better. As it seems baby’s parent have decided not to give their baby a gender until she (“it” will be better to use throughout the rest of the article) grows and decides for itself what gender it wants to be.

Apparently, Baby’s parent, Kori Doty, who is also neither a male nor a female but uses a substitute “it” to refer to self, wants to do the same for its eight-month-old baby Siril Atli. Doty explained that it will not give its child a gender until it grows and decides for itself what gender it wants to be. Doty stated, “I accept my child as a baby and I try to give it all my love and attention so that it can be a complete person and be completely out of all the limitations that the system puts us into by dividing us to genders.”

However, the fight is just starting. The deal is that Doty is a single trans parent who is trying to make sure that his child receives a full health record in British Columbia, which it didn’t have since November when it was born. Although the province firstly refused to do so and indulge this strange request, they eventually sent them a child health care card with a mark “U” as in undetermined, just last month.

Doty’s lawyer explained for Daily Mail that only in Ontario you have an official option for choosing the third option, but if the child received that option on its birth certificate, it would open up various possibilities for discrimination and hate-related violence that can be steered toward the child from those who are wrongly informed. What is left for Kori Doty now is to settle a dispute with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in which it is trying to prove that there should be a “gender free” option throughout Canada and Britain. What is interesting is the fact that the Canadian government, at the beginning of the year, actually considered a law that would formally introduce the said option into the system.

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