Elliot Facing A Possible Suspension

Source: hogshaven.com

The rumors are swirling around that the Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot might be facing a short suspension to start the NFL season. According to the ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s report on Friday, Dallas Cowboys’ star running back is might get a short suspension because of 2016 domestic violence investigation that he was involved in. NFL is still trying to decide whether or not he is deserving of a suspension, but it seems that they are nearing the decision.

According to TMZ, a 20-year-old woman told the police that Ezekiel was the one to assault her last year in Columbus, Ohio. It turned out to be his girlfriend at the time, and the attack happened in the car when the two were together.

There were four people that were considered to be witnesses, but they have stated that they didn’t see an assault take place that time, so the star running back was released off all the charges because of the “conflicting and inconsistent information” according to ESPN.com’s Jean-Jacques Taylor.


Elliot has had an amazing rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys as he led the league in rushing and was present for all the 15 games for the Cowboys that mattered in the regular season. He was also really good against the Green Bay Packers, but sadly, that wasn’t enough for them to get to the NFC Championship game. If he gets suspended, it will likely be for one or two games. Anything more than that would be pretty surprising and would cause the ‘Boys to make some moves.