Honda Odyssey as a Disney cartoon character – an unique Minnie Van!

Honda is truly advancing in every segment of the auto industry, and they show it almost daily. But this here is something a “bit” different than what we are used to from Japanese brand. After the slight “scandal” with the EPIX streaming service that offered some less than child-friendly entertainment (movies for adults), Honda decided that they will not be bothered by that and they released this “Minnie Van.”

In association with Disney, Honda just released this unique van that was themed after one of the most famous Disney female character – Minnie the Mouse. As you can see from the picture, it is true to the character that is Minnie with its pink exterior with white polka dots. But that is actually not what makes this vehicle that much interesting. The addition of custom “mouse ears” and Minnie Mouse’s trademark bow is what will draw attention on the road.

Designers really went all out with this one and released their inner child, this is best seen in the interior of the vehicle, at least partially. Because Honda declined to offer any specific details, we can not give you a closer description, but what we know is that the interior, of this unique van, features a flower pot on the dashboard and pink pillows on the seats.

This sweet little van is set to be unveiled at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California tomorrow and it will be a part of the “Minnie’s Style: The Fashion House of Minnie Mouse” exhibit which will be showing Minnie Mouse’s various dresses and accessories, and how they changed over the years. Besides that, this van will also be used to promote the Unlock the Magic Sweepstakes which is presented by ABC, Disney, and Honda.

Thanks to this clever campaign Honda believes that they will more easily “introduce the 2018 Honda Odyssey to families across America.” Maybe this is the remedy part of that recent scandal, who knows?! The idea is excellent, though, and by showing this van next to cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Pluto and his friends might draw families back and make them forget about that little slip-up. As we managed to find out the sweepstakes are also set to award one lucky family with a trip to Disneyland as well as an all-new Odyssey. Now that actually sounds great! Where do I sign up for this?!

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